Wednesday, May 25, 2011

IPO Liverpool

Once again we played IPO Liverpool. 2 shows, 2 venues within an hour of each other! How fun was that! We starting in the back stage of the Cavern Club and moved across the street the Cavern Pub. Great crowd in that Pub! The place was packed and the people were seated right up to the tiny stage. Very cozy! This was probably our best show of the tour. Great crowd! The highlight was when Ron our drummer's throne (chair) broke as I was starting the intro to "Big Imagination". Ron's frantically searching for a replacement when our bassist Jeff LeGore noticed another one sitting by his bass amp. Ron sat down on the throne Jeff had handed him just in time to come in on the downbeat of the tune and the crowd all stood and applauded. Couldn't have asked for a cooler moment!!!

The next day we celebrated guitarist Steve Berns' birthday in a really good restaurant called Blue. Beatle historian Jean Catharell joined us. Jean was nice enough to give us a private tour of the Beatle homes and landmarks the last time we were here! She also hooked us up with a great hotel on the Albert Docks! THANK YOU JEAN!

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